Why the World Health Organization is Wrong on Soda Taxes – Reason.com


This must be the devil’s advocate. Taxation will make these sweetened beverages beyond the reach of the consumers. 


Now, the soft drink bottle is unsafe too

Heavy metals have been detected in the PET bottles of soft drinks. 

Lead and chromium are established toxins in humans. Government has to undertake initiatives to ensure safe and healthy packaging of foodstuffs. 

This could have wider ramifications. 

Curse of Venus

Venus, the Greek Goddess

Make love, not diseases.
There are more than 25 different organisms and nearly 50 disease conditions of the reproductive and urinary systems that can result from an unhealthy lovemaking. Let’s call it sex from here. 

Make safe sex to save yourself and your Valentine from infections

The passionate act, when sought through orifices that are not primarily meant for the whole purpose of procreation, can often turn disastrous as regards health of the partners. It opens the gateway to a whole range of pathogens from the humble louse to the mighty syphilis and the dreadful HIV.

Though classically called Venereal diseases, the World Health Organization called for a revamp in the terminology. ‘Venereal’ is derived from Venus, the Greek God of love. There was a huge stigma that this word could generate. Now, how many people can really take the fact head on that a beautiful act of divine pleasure seeking can often end up in painful lesions and discharges? Since the year 1999, according to the WHO mandate, these diseases are called sexually transmitted infections. 

There’s just one life, and safe sex is the best sex.