Step out of the demand-side

Shift attention to supply-side


Government has been incentivizing pregnant women to deliver in institutions since more than a decade now. The impact is evident in reduction of maternal mortality ratio at national and district levels. My doubt is that won’t these schemes that finance the demand-side create a false sense of security?

Such schemes, called conditional cash transfers, have skyrocketed institutional load to such high levels that antenatal wards in government hospitals are unable to accommodate the admissions. So, what happened to the quality of care?

Since independence, we have been crooning over abysmally low proportions of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) spent on health. This makes me wonder where all this money for demand-side financing comes from. Let us assume that all the money from GDP is paid as incentives. Now, health is a subject of the states. Union only provides resources and supports the state plans. Can the states then find their own sources of revenue to improve the quality? I bet there are more than hundred different channels through which states can make savings. A flyover completed before the deadline earns savings of several crores.

I think it is time the government prioritizes on trainings, skills development, placing the skilled personnel where their skills are required and putting the necessary infrastructure in place.

Conditional cash transfers will remain, but it is time we shine light on the supply-side.

Defying evolution in the fight for survival

In the constant struggle for existence, the strategy employed by humans is domination over nature. 

Gain a higher control over nature.

Manipulate the environment.

Make everything favorable for sustenance.

We go by the theory of natural selection.

We have accepted our defective genes.

The only way to survive is controlling environment.

Our defective genes need a safer place to express their traits. 

The world is being made less formidable so as to slow down the evolution process.

As this control evolves and expands, the fight for survival takes to the next level: fight with our own breed.

World War III is drawing close and it will be more destructive than what the world has ever witnessed.