Is the research ‘original’?

China fabricates clinical trial data?

Clinical trials should not just be registered. There must be a mandate on how the data collection process is going. 

With such revelations arising from all across the world, the authenticity of medical research is at crossroads. 


One thought on “Is the research ‘original’?

  1. Pharmaceutical companies are in such a rush to get new drugs through the FDA the U.S. is sending many medications to 3rd world countries for trials. Once the trials are set up: many do not have proper protocol in place for acceptable testing, cleanliness is less than satisfactory, the overall health does not meet the standards in the U.S. and the list marches on.
    We must have a method of keeping clinical testing in the states. That’s the only way we are ever going to have a hope of keeping our medical care safe. The approval of medical devises is a completely different issue. It basically doesn’t exist.


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