Please check the number and dial again

Its a funny feeling watching these commercials of Reliance Jio, Idea Cellular and other networks. What’s the whole purpose of cheap call rates, full talk time and superfast internet if you do not have a person to talk to? 

Technology has shrunk our worlds into a five inch touchscreen. There were days when we wrote letters, dropped them in the postbox and forgot about it till an inland post was delivered. Today, we fret over a person’s status changing from ‘online’ to ‘last seen’ and those blue ticks. 

The latest TV commercial of a popular mobile network shows people excited about 4G speed of internet connectivity. They are happily talking to the person at the other end with the new connection.

I wouldn’t be changing to a network for extra speed and less cost. I want to be sure that there is someone waiting for me to connect at a super-speed. Till then, I would be connecting with the persons in my life with an incredibly infinite speed, the speed of my thoughts.

Now, that could be a real or virtual connection. After all, reality is subjective. 


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