Gain by losing 

If you want to lose, say, 5 kilos in a month or two, do not turn to yoga. Yoga is a holistic long term endeavor. For crash weight loss, which inevitably leads to a crash weight gain, all that you need is a combination therapy with strict diet regulation and brisk physical exercise. 

Changeover to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Boiled vegetables or raw vegetables in a salad are equally beneficial. Include a cup of cooked pulses for the protein need. Sugars and oils should be a complete no-no. That means you should grow an appetite for sugarless decoctions. 

When you stop sourcing external fats into your body, your body has to depend on its fat stores. Ultimately, you will have a trimmed tummy and deflated waist.

Physical activity is a must and should complement the diet. Burn all that you eat. Burn the adipose stores. Thirty minutes of daily brisk walking should help. Avoid sitting for more than 15 minutes at a place. Adopt an active routine. Keep moving around.

Remember. We have legs, not roots. So we are not the ones to stay and rot. An active lifestyle is the healthy lifestyle.


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