Offline is the new Online

Nothing can stop the mind from wandering. Boredom is only a phase to pass through. The bad habit is that when you limit your imagination. 
Reality is expensive. A visit to fasci-‘nation’ is hardly few seconds away. Let go of all the inhibitions, weaknesses, fatigue and confusion. Your strength lies in the power of your thoughts.

Reality is virtual. We are all just manifest in the time called Present. Let go of all restrictions imposed on your mind. Think your brain out. A problem without a solution is never a problem. There is a solution to everything in life. Exercise your brain to find out. 

With social networking sites infecting our brain and fingers, serious damage is being inflicted on our capacities to think and analyse. Real life situations are to be dealt with. Attention has to be sought in real life with the knowledge and skills learnt in the hard way. It is meaningless to worry about conversations that stopped after the blue ticks. 

Our love for phones and social networking sites should never supersede the love we have for individuals. Ease up the tensions in the virtual life and embrace the true happiness that awaits in the hard world around you.

So go offline for a while and put your things in line. 


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