Live born

Killed enough time on social networking sites. Haven’t posted a status update or browsed on the homepage of Facebook since Jan 01 2016. Uninstalled WhatsApp and Hike today. The air feels fresher. World seems more beautiful. Its a new lease of life. 

Is this some kind of escape? Is it abnormal if I finally seek some time for myself? I think I’m stepping out of a virtual world of fake profile pictures and unrealistic status updates and entering my own new ‘old world’. I hope its going to be much peaceful here. 

This is certainly not an escape. This is taking the challenge head-on. The challenge is to live the real life, the life that is original. This is the life where we converse with people. My profile picture will no more be an edited megabyte file in my phone. It has got an update. The latest version shows my real brown face with all it’s contours straight from the mirror. 

WordPress is one in my short list of antidotes to fight social network syndrome. Breaking off from illusion. Bursting out into reality. 


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